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Hey CEO!

The Soulful Systems Suite is the course your business needs to reach full charge...

Let me know if you can check any of these boxes off:

You know you can be so much more impactful if your back-end systems were just a tad bit more organized

You feel like you’ve hit an income ceiling and the tool that will help you get break past isn’t another coach or mastermind

You secretly feel like you’re a scrappy entrepreneur throwing things on the wall hoping it sticks

You haven’t found an elite system that works for you and your team and you’re ready to surrender to learn the back-end of a high-level agency

You’ve always wanted to invest in an elite OBM or VA team but didn’t have the capital

...ooof, we were a little too close to home, weren't we sis?

Ready to take your seat 

As The Visionary?

This course was created so that visionaries like you could take this exact framework of the Soulful Systems Agency and all of the multi-6 and 7-figure businesses we support and power-up your team and systems in your own way.

Ready to stop making things up as you go and start acting like a true CEO?

confidently generate, prospect and convert leads without feeling overwhelmed

go about your day knowing that business operations are fully taken care of by people who are 100% behind your brand and vision

create a streamlined, five-star client experience (repeat buyers are the best buyers 😉)

learn and implement strategic moves so you can build a legacy

Sounds juicy, right?
I got you, sis.

I invented the S.O.U.L. framework and packaged it into a digital course - one that will always be updated and one that you will have access to for a lifetime.

So not only will your business run on a five-star framework in 2021, but it will remain running on a five-star framework in the years to come.

I'm IN

Here’s What’s Waiting For You Inside, CEO:


S.O.U.L. Framework - an in-depth overview of this framework and how it will apply to your business

How to Use and Optimize This Suite

How to implement with or without a team

S - Securing Business

How to create, manage and repurpose your content for maximum visibility and at minimum effort

How to track, prospect and generate leads so that you continue to secure revenue

How to implement your sales and marketing strategy in an organized fashion

How to incorporate your team’s zone of genius in your profit strategy

U - User Experience

The secret to creating a high-quality user experience from prospect to see you later

The Client Experience Map

How to onboard and offboard seamlessly

The fail-proof CRM template

O - Operations

How to Create Effective SOP’s (systems of operations and procedures)

The Project Management Systems Playbook

The Ultimate Guide to Team Management (Hiring, Training, Delegating and Reviewing)

How to hold performance review and establish strong KPI’s in your business (key performance indicators)

The unbeatable system to Payment Tracking & Management


Job Description Template (Valued at $97)

Team Management Module - How to delegate and manage your contractors (Valued at $497)

Project Management Systems Template (Valued at $297)

Boundaries Blueprint - Secure the happiness of you, your team and your clients (Valued at $297)

L - Legacy Building

Alignment Auditing Tool - Audit your business’ ecosystem to maintain the scalable factor

The Legacy Mapping Workflow

How to establish your mission and direct pathways from your mission to your processes

How to build strategic partnership systems and manage co-coaching relationships

This is just a taste of what I’ll teach you.

Shocked Yet?

I know you’re ready to hang your scrappy entrepreneur hat and grab onto your CEO crown.


I’m Charlene!

Your systems-extraordinaire!

Hey Sis!

I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur who supports other multi-passionate entrepreneurs.

I’m fully hands-on and fully dedicated to the best of the businesses out there.

And after working with countless businesses, I want you to know that there’s only one thing that differentiates a 4-figure month business model from a 5-and-6 figure month business model.

And that is… impeccable, scalable systems.

I know what it’s like to have that launch high, only to burnout shortly after because your business wasn’t able to support your major Boss-moves.

Now, with the S.O.U.L. framework, you never have to worry about that again.

This is a program that you, as the Visionary, should learn and implement with your team. This is the first step to empowering your team and leading them with your vision.

If you’re ready to have SOUL-filled business and live a SOULful life, choose your investment 👇🏾

Take the S.O.U.L. framework, learn how to apply it to your business and take back control.

S.O.U.L. Framework 

Securing Business (valued at $497)

Operations & Management (valued at $497)

User Experience (valued at $497)

Legacy Building (valued at $497)

Job Description (Valued at $197)

Team Management Module (Valued at $497)

Project Management Systems Template (Valued at $297)

Boundaries Blueprint (Valued at $297)

Here's What's Inside


Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Bonus #1

Bonus #2

Bonus #3

Bonus #4


Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Bonus #1

Bonus #2

Bonus #3

Bonus #4

A private community for like-minded entrepreneurs who are wanting to scale their business on a luxurious foundation. The investment for this program includes an online community where you, as the visionary, can rely on the Soulful Systems Team for support. You’ll be able to ask questions, gain feedback and attend pop-up trainings held by Charlene and her team.


But Wait There's More

But Wait There's More

If the investment is holding you back,
Here's what clients have said about the S.O.U.L. framework and method.


Paid In Full - save $491

4 month payment plan





"Let me start by saying my business has grown so much with the support of Charlene and The Soulful Systems team.

I have been a client for over a year now, and in this time I have been able to create 9 new programs and offers.

None of this would have been possible without my team. They have been there every step of the way helping me bring my vision and ideas to life.

As a business coach I know how important it is to invest in mentors and growth. However, I think many overlook investing in a team. Without my team my business would not be where it is today. We have hit a record revenue year and that is because I have invested in the right team and the right support.

I always say I wish I invested in Charlene and the team sooner because this past year has been game changing for me and business with their support and help."

Michelle Hartzman, Business Mentor

How soon do we get access to the modules inside this program?

You will get instant access to the Introduction and Module 01. The rest of the modules will be dripped and released throughout the next few weeks to ensure that you take action after watching the trainings.

I have a team. Can I have them watch and learn it?

Totally! But I recommend that you watch it as well - as the Visionary, it’s important for you to know the potential your business can have when the proper systems are implemented.

When will Soulful Systems Suite be available for purchase again?

Not until mid 2021. If you want to launch into the new year with a high-level back end system, now is the time to get your hands on this self-paced program.

Will Soulful Systems Suite work for my niche?

Absolutely, sis. Whether you’re a coach or a done-for-you service provider, this program will help you make it easier to reach your goals.

Do I need to have a team in order to find value in this program?

Not at all! In fact, the earlier you can implement this framework, the better. I will show you how you can use this as solopreneur as well as how to implement this framework with your team.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does forever sound?

Ready to Dive In?

Let's do this